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4 Benefits of Jamie's Dive Center
  • Jamie’s Dive Center is Cebu island’s top diving center with the best prices around.
    Quality and safety are the number one priority. All divers needs are met with friendly service.
    ▶Best prices for Cebu Dives!
  • Jamie is a super veteran with over 25 years of diving experience and over 15,000 dives.
    This is the only place in Cebu where you can receive direct instruction from an instructor who is also active as a cave diver. He teaches precise body control underwater.
    A master diver who knows Cebu's sea thoroughly supports you.
  • All lockers at the dive center are safe and secure. Enjoy your diving with peace of mind.
  • After diving, rinse your body with a hot shower. After the shower, relax in the open-terrace lobby.

There are many dive centers in Cebu.
There is a reason why Jamie's Dive Center is able to achieve reasonable prices without sacrificing quality among many dive shops.
That's because the owner is a Filipino fluent in English and Japanese.
Other Japanese-run diving shops cannot lower prices because Japanese labor costs are very high.

Jamie's Dive Center is operated by all Filipinos and Japanese who have worked at a Japanese diving center for many years.
We have been able to achieve a very reasonable price without compromising the quality of safety services.

We can speak English, Japanese, and Visaya, so it is also highly recommended for Westerners who come to Cebu.
Our accommodations feel like a homestay.

Jaimie’s Dive Center is so much more than the best price available!
Our philosophy is "the best diving memory ever”.
With a motto of "safety first.”
No accidents for more than 10 years since opening.

The bright and cheerful owner, Jaimie, has lived in Cebu for over 25 years and knows Cebu's sea inside and out.
There is a lot of vital information that only locals know.
Here we can provide more information than other dive centers in Cebu.

Jaimie has also lived in Japan and has been a top instructor teaching instructors at Japanese dive centers for over 20 years.
He manages Japanese quality of business, safety, and secure operations.

Make your best diving memory here.

About Jaimie
Many qualifications as a top instructor.
Tech sidemout instructor
Enriched air Nitrox instructor
Intro to tech instructor
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  • diving package
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See testimonials from past participants
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